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Hi Everyone,

I made a video for It Works about my Favorite product is the Greens to go Video. The Greens to Go helps me in a lot of ways. It has really help me with my depression and so I have more good days, then  bad days. Every since I joined the company My life has changed for the better. I’m going to a video on how much this company has changed my life. I’m on my health and wellness journey and I’m passionate about helping people with their health and wellness Journey.




Fan Broken Hearted

Fan Broken Hearted

My heart cries for Michael Jackson

Day in and Day out listening for him

Cries to see him one more time

Yearning to me him just once

Anger that he died before I could

A girl’s dream and love crushed

Wanting to save him

Heart beating out my chest every time I hear a song

Feeling of crying myself to sleep at night

Sorry for his children

My inspiration to my soul gone

My heart broken

Anger of his abandonment

A heart that Lives than dies

Cries for the ones they love

Wanting more time

Living out the desires

Making up for past pains right

Try as they might

Time is not on your side

Learn to live again

This is my second Video post of the year

Hi Everyone,


I have been working on my video updates and I’m getting to add them to my blog. I have a lot of things going on in my life and some very hard. This year I have decided to take charge of my life and I really want to inspire people and people with disabilities . I want to share my world about how I am living with my disability. I have been sad part the year because of my living situation and having to  drop out of Full Sail University because I couldn’t be a full-time student where I’m living. I’m going to a video about that. I’m going to add my second video of the year at the bottom of this post. I’m still working on my fan fiction and poems.


Paul Walker Anniversary

Today is a very sad day for all Paul Walker fans and the Fast and Furious family. We lost a very special Angel today, who brought the greatness out in people.  Paul Walker ’s smile was and still is like the sun, even though he is no longer with us. As Jordana Brewster ’s character, Mia Toretto , said about Dom in the movie, Paul was like Gravity. What she meant was magnetism. Which Paul certainly had in real life. Today I will be watching The Fast and Furious series all day. It truly means so much to me.

Happy Thanks Giving Everyone

Happy Thanks Giving Everyone

I hope everyone will have a great thanks giving with family and friends.  I have been working really on my school work. I have been working really hard on my original story ideas. I’m working on reviews for my TV Series I love to watch. I know with this season that is showing I haven’t been impressed with the writing at all. Grey’s Anatomy giving Meridith Grey another sister. The casting for the sister is wrong. It seems like all the actors and actresses who have been there for 11 years have dumb their acting. She is also too whinny and I don’t really care for her. I love Callie to stay away from Arizona. Arizona is written so she can do no wrong and Callie is always the bad one. Arizona hasn’t made any sacrifices for Callie.

Chicago Fire I still watch and will do reviews for each episode. But this season they have gone down since they killed the character Leslie Shay. The show is missing something and I really don’t care for the character Dawson storyline at all. Kelly Severide is the only character who misses Shay. I feel like the character development for the rest of the characters development stopped.

How I’m Feeling

Okay Everyone I’m working to updating more often and sharing my journey with you. I know it’s hard for me to share myself and I’m feeling when I talk to people so I’m writing down in this blog. Lately with going to Full Sail University for my Bachelors degree in Creative Writing. I have been having a hard time relating to some of the assignments because I don’t think about the assignments the way they are written. I’m trying to relate them to what I’ve seen on T.V. and Movies. General Hospital is my dream job and one of my favorite TV shows. Lately all I want to do is find a way to get the head writer and producer fired. They have destroyed  the whole show and the characters. The characters of General Hospital are not being written for at all. I want to really want to be able to watch it General Hospital so bad. I’m not will to watch Jasam 2.0. I don’t except Bill Miller as Jason Morgan or the way the character is being written for. Jason Morgan 2.0 is being written as a weak character which he has never been. Steven Burton will also be Jason Morgan and Kelly Monaco will always be Sam Morgan. I will always support Stelly. I miss Maurice Bernard and Steve Burton scenes. The writing General Hospital is so inconsistent and iis constantly destroying historic characters and I can’t support that. It bothers me that are using story-lines that didn’t work in the first place. It makes sad to have to say these things because General Hospital has been my dream job since I was a little girl. I still want that job, but I’m unwilling to work or support RC at all.

Now I have been watching the Fast and Furious all the time since Paul Walker died, and it still breaks my heart. I watched the Trailer for Furious 7 and it made me miss Paul Walker even more. As a fan of the series I really hope that Furious 7 will be the last movie. I’m very proud of Vin Diesel and the cast for finishing the movie. I can’t see Vin Diesel coming to do more of the series. If they want to continue the series  I would a book series. The whole series was based on the brother hood between Paul and Vin characters and I don’t how they could continue the series with out them. I worry about the damage it would cause the actors and actresses to come back and do more of series.

I have been also working on a lot of my fan fiction stories. Most of my fan fiction stories I have been working on are for Brian and Dom. Brian and Dom have a whole a lot of stories left to be told. When I write for them I can see the stories through Brian eyes. Brian O’Conner character is a very interesting one because they are a lot questions that have not been answered in the movies.

I have also been working on my Queer as folk stories. Brian and Justin have a lot stories still let be told. I’m praying everyday that we could get a Queer as folk movie.

I would really want a Roswell movie.

I’m really trying to stay out of stress and working on my feelings. I really want to be heard and lately that hasn’t been happening. I’m always disappointed lately and that hurts. Chicago Fire has disappointed me this season. I’m not forgiving them for killing the character Shay. I feel like something is missing for the show. The cast doesn’t feel complete. I will never have anything nice to say about the new paramedic.

Now I watch the show Arrow a lot and I feel like something missing. I don’t feel certain story-lines. I don’t liked they killed Sara. It feels like something is missing. I don’t watch Flash.

Grey’s Anatomy has disappointed me too. I don’t feel the new sister for Meridth at all. I’m disappointed in Derrick story-line too.

I’m loving my NCIS Los Angele’s

Hey Everyone

I have been working really hard on school work lately and I’m a little stresses out with it. I have taken today to work on some of my Fan Fiction stories. I have been working on a General Hospital Fan Fiction story called Jason’s home and I have now written 1,628 words for this fic. I entered this fic in the Nano writing challenge to do 50,000 words by the end of the month. I don’t know if I will be able to complete this challenge this year.  I’m trying very hard to do it. Writing Fan Fiction has saved my life in a lot ways and I don’t think I will ever be able to give it up. I’m also working on two of my first ever Brian and Dom fan fiction stories.

My love for the Fast and the Furious series is big in my heart. My love for Brian and Dom is really big because if I could drive I would be like them. Brian and Dom have so many stories left to tell and my heart is still really broken that we will never get to see on screen again. Their is great love story there between the characters. I’m hoping and praying we could get a Book series to read where they would have gone with Brian O’Conner character.

My love for General Hospital hasn’t wavered at all but I don’t love how the show is being written. I’m a big die hard Jason Morgan and Jasam and I’m upset how the messed things. As fan who watched the who Jason Morgan for the being when Steve Burton played him and who should still be playing him I’m hurt. His character is doing a lot of things out of character that do not make any since. RC says that he knows the history of the characters but I don’t see the proof that he does and I don’t agree that General hospital is great anymore. The show has to many newbies that can’t hold there own and aren’t General Hospital people. The General Hospital people are always being pushed to the back around or characters are being destroyed which is wrong.

Now to shows I love made into movies are Queer as Folk and Roswell with the Original cast. Queer as Folk needs to come back because I want a happy ending for my boys Brian and Justin. I don’t think its far that they didn’t get to have a happy end when they deserved it out of all the characters. Brian and Justin were the only ones who had real character growth through out the whole show. The one character I always felt didn’t deserve happy ending was Michael. He didn’t do anything at all.

Roswell ended there series when it was just getting really good with the war. I’ve always wondered what type of Powers Liz would get. Did Max and Liz, Michael and Maria have kids. Did they get baby Zan back? How did the war affect all of them? Was future Max right? I know the cast still looks the same as they did 15 years ago and they would love to do a movie.