Story Idea


Brian is a big time pro race car driver who is care free. Brian is also undercover gay because he isn’t comfortable with the world know. Brian best friend is Jesse. Carter is Brian friend that has a crush on him but is to shy to say anything. Dom is a bodyguard who isn’t looking for work and doesn’t want to be in the business anymore and wants to settle down. Dom wants a real family but doesn’t want to admit it.

Own Shaw has been after Brian O’conner for so long. Shaw and O’connor have a long family feud.

Brian has some deep family issues so he lashes out at people. He acts like he doesn’t want to be in a relationship but Dom can see through it.

Brian doesn’t let himself believe he can have family. Brian can get pregnant by Dom and Carter.

But a happy ending


I have this idea of Shaw being very dangerous. I don’t want Carter to be a bodyguard but he really has to work with Dom to protect Brian. I’m really glad you love the idea.


Main Cast: Brian O’Connor / Dominic Toretto Jesse

Sub Cast  Mia and Letty